Monroe's Bird Photos


This page has links to photos of birds we've seen- at home, at work, at the park, or wherever. If you find a mistake or have a comment on our birds please let us know!

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Click on a picture or caption for collections of photos of the various types of birds we've seen.

Loons and Grebes Tubenoses Pelecaniformes
Cormorants Wading Birds Swans and Geese
Ducks Raptors Game Birds
Rails and Cranes Shorebirds Gulls
Terns Alcids Doves
Cuckoos and Roadrunner Owls Goatsuckers
Hummingbirds Woodpeckers Flycatchers
Shrikes and Vireos Jays, Crows, and Ravens Swallows
Chickadees and Nuthatches Wrens Kinglets and Gnatcatchers
Thrushes Mimids Pipits, Waxwings, Starlings
Warblers Tanagers and Cardinals Sparrows
Icterids Finches