Brookside Gardens "Wings of Fancy" August 2016


I went to the "Wings of Fancy" butterfly display at Brookside Gardens on August 13th, 2016.

brookside5005 brookside5008 brookside5013 brookside5026 brookside5033 brookside5034
Malachite Leopard Lacewing Mournful Owl Royal Blue Butterfly Blue Cracker
brookside5037 brookside5042 brookside5049 brookside5057 brookside5070 brookside5077
Blue-spotted Charaxes Tawny Owl Mocker Swallowtail Zebra Longwing Red Cracker Black Cracker
brookside5084 brookside5090 brookside5097 brookside5099 brookside5107 brookside5119
Brown Clipper Butterfly Paper Kite Butterfly Great Mormon Chocolate Pansy
brookside5128 brookside5140 brookside5148 brookside5150 brookside5152 brookside5160
Brown Tip Palamedes Swallowtail Butterfly Silver-studded Leafwing Pink Rose Atala
brookside5174 brookside5175 brookside5177 brookside5182 brookside5197 brookside5204
Emerald Swallowtail Mourning Cloak Butterfly Tailed Jay Autumn Leaf Gulf Fritillary
brookside5218 brookside5225 brookside5232 brookside5267 brookside5281 brookside5285
White Peacock Spicebush Swallowtail Blue Morpho Butterfly Butterfly Golden Helicon
brookside4990 brookside4992 brookside4996 brookside5001 brookside5004
Flower Flower Flower Bee Flower