Light City Baltimore 2016


I went to the Baltimore Inner Harbor to see the Light City art installations on March 29th, 2016. It was pretty neat.

lightcity2016_4512 lightcity2016_4513 lightcity2016_4516 lightcity2016_4521 lightcity2016_4523 lightcity2016_4528
Ship Beacon Ship Voyage Voyage Voyage
lightcity2016_4533 lightcity2016_4539 lightcity2016_4577 lightcity2016_4597 lightcity2016_4642 lightcity2016_4643
Voyage Voyage Lightwave Peacock Canopy Canopy
lightcity2016_4674 lightcity2016_4678 lightcity2016_4691 lightcity2016_4693 lightcity2016_4694 lightcity2016_4695
Lotus Blue Hour Ship Beacon Beacon Beacon
lightcity2016_4696 lightcity2016_4698
Beacon Beacon