Monroe's Links

Last update: April 28th, 2005

Here are some links to useful sites:

Urban Legends Reference Page - This site contains all you need to know about urban legends, email hoaxes, sappy internet stories, and other scams or falsehoods frequently spread over the internet or other communications means. Check this site out before you forward that "Bill Gates will give you $500 for every 10 people you forward this to" email.

Visual Satellite Observation Predictions - This site provides predictions of satellite visibility for any location on Earth. You must tell it your observing location; links to maps and common world city coordinates are provided. Check here if you want to see the Space Station or other man made space objects fly overhead at night.

Space Weather Bureau - This site provides information concerning solar disturbances, flares, sunspots, and auroras. Check here if you want to try to see the northern lights.

Conceptis Logic Puzzles - This site is home to a company that makes picture forming logic puzzles. If you like logic, art, and puzzle-solving, check out the free sample puzzles and the 12 weekly free puzzles available from Conceptis.

Harford County Astronomical Society - The home page of the local astronomy club.

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