Orioles-Tigers Game August 2017


Andrew and I saw the Orioles-Tigers game on August 3rd, 2017. There were two rain delays, so we didn't stay until the end.

oriolesaug2017_0746 oriolesaug2017_0754 oriolesaug2017_0765 oriolesaug2017_0771 oriolesaug2017_0778 oriolesaug2017_0783
Viviano Jones Orioles Castillo Fan Tillman
oriolesaug2017_0796 oriolesaug2017_0803 oriolesaug2017_0819 oriolesaug2017_0820 oriolesaug2017_0853 oriolesaug2017_0861
Kinsler Tillman Upton Upton Givens Boyd
oriolesaug2017_0883 oriolesaug2017_0900 oriolesaug2017_0951 oriolesaug2017_0972 oriolesaug2017_0975 oriolesaug2017_1104
Martinez Machado Castro Castillo Gentry Beckham