Pirate 5K


The Pirate 5K was a fundraiser for the Lock House Museum in Havre de Grace, MD. The race was part of their annual pirate festival, which also includes a big gala ball, pirate re-enactments, and educational activities for the kids.

I did not have any serious goals for this race other than to finish and not get hurt. My right knee had still been hurting a lot, usually when I run longer distances. Shorter runs, like 5Ks, seem to be OK, so I am focusing my running there for now.

I ran this race in a little over 30 minutes. I was so slow because I have lost a lot of my conditioning dealing with my knee injury. I am running these races and working myself back in to shape slowly, hopefully allowing me to avoid future injuries that keep me off the road.

I found myself in the group start photo. I am the person in the tan shirt and red hat directly under the big blue arrow:

Pirate 5K 2011 start photo