Ravens-Jaguars NFL Game. Click on a Thumbnail or Caption for a Full Sized Photo


Joyce and I celebrated our anniversary by attending the Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars football game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on December 28th, 2008. The Ravens won 27-7, securing a spot in the playoffs. I took several hundred photos during the game, but the lighting in the stadium was not very good and the vast majority of the photos did not turn out very well. Some of the decent ones are shown below.

ajoyceandcptdefense bjoyceatgame3 craylewisintro4 djagsideline1 ejagsnap2 fjonesdrewrunning2
Joyce and CPT Defense Joyce Ray Lewis Jaguars Sideline Jaguars Offense Maurice Jones-Drew
gravensideline1 halftime1 literacy referee1
Ravens Sideline Halftime Celebration Find the Typo Official