Snow Storm of February 2003

These are photos from our house during the snow storm of Presidents' Day, 2003, in Belcamp, Maryland.

Feb 16th 0929

Feb 16th, 9:29 AM- our back deck.


Feb 16th 1129

Feb 16th, 11:29 AM


Feb 16th 1319

Feb 16th, 1:19 PM


Feb 16th 1631

Feb 16th, 4:31 PM


Feb 16th 1916

Feb 16th, 7:16 PM


Feb 16th 2341

Feb 16th, 11:41 PM


Feb 17th 0750

Feb 17th, 7:50 AM


Feb 17th 1041

Feb 17th, 10:41 AM


Feb 17th 1103

Feb 17th, 11:03 AM. Our Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Probe are buried in the snow. The neighbor in his Jeep to the right is trying to get into his parking space. By this time the official snow fall for our area was about 29 inches since Friday night (Feb 14th).


Feb 17th 1103

Another view of our parking lot, showing the neighbors' buried cars. Photo taken Feb 17th, 11:03 AM.