Baltimore Ten Miler


As part of my weight loss and health improvement strategy, I set a goal of running a ten mile race in a time faster than I ran the Army Ten Miler back in October, 2000. I ran that 2000 race in 2:05:00 or so- a little over two hours. I met my goal this year by running the Baltimore Ten Miler in 1:54:10 (clock time). My chip time was a little faster because I didn't get to the starting line until a minute or two after the official start. My chip did not register the finish time, so I don't have the exact chip time. These photos prove that I did in fact finish the race.

Monroe at halfway point

This photo was taken at the 5 mile point. I look so miserable because it was raining heavily.

Monroe at finish

This was taken right before the finish line. It was still raining.

My next fitness goal: finishing the Baltimore Half Marathon in October 2009. That's 13.1 miles. I hope it doesn't rain again.