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Friday, April 28, 2006


A Night at the Emergency Room

Last night I had an allergic reaction to some shrimp we ate for dinner. I quickly lost the ability to speak clearly, which told me it was affecting my throat, so we went to the emergency room in case it got even worse and made it hard to breathe.

At the emergency room, the girl at the check-in desk saw that I was having real problems, but she still insisted on asking me a bunch of administrative questions. I also had to sign at least 3 forms. All the while my voice getting weaker and weaker and I was beginning to have breathing problems. I wonder how they get answers and signatures from heart attack patients.

Fortunately they realized that this was serious and they took me right back to the treatment area, in front of the many other people in the waiting room. After a few shots I was fine. But I missed "Survivor." Hopefully the TIVO caught it.


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