Our Engagement Story

I really did have to do non-ring related birthday shopping. I was not planning on proposing precisely on her birthday because she had told me once that that might be a good idea. Remember, I was trying for a little surprise here...

Anyway, I dropped Joyce off at the party and went to the mall. I quickly made my actual birthday gift purchases and then started ring shopping. I looked at a few rings at a few different stores, but none really jumped out at me. When I got to Zales upstairs I saw that they had a "no interest for 12 months" financing promotion, and that would save a lot of money. I looked at a few different rings there- solitaires, three-stone combinations, etc. I kept coming back to one particular ring, though. It was in a yellow gold setting with three main stones and several smaller ones on the band alongside the main ones. The main stone had a noticeable inclusion, though. The saleswoman showed me a similar ring in a white gold setting. I asked if they could swap the stones from the white-gold ring on to the yellow gold setting. When she said yes, I knew I had found the perfect ring, so I bought it.

The saleswoman said it would be a few days before it would be ready since the jeweler only comes in to that store a few days a week. She told me it would be ready Wednesday or Thursday. I signed the paperwork and headed back to the party to meet Joyce and Denise and the rest of the guests.

When Monroe came back to Denise's house I knew he had bought the ring. I didn't know if he had hidden it somewhere or where it was but I knew he got it. He just had it written all over his face. Like I said before I assumed that he was going to propose on my birthday, so I waited, very impatiently I might add. I told everyone that he was either going to propose on my birthday or the next weekend when we went to Atlantic City.

I was very happy to have found what I thought was the perfect ring and I couldn't wait to propose. The hard part was waiting for the ring to be resized and for the stones to be swapped.

I could tell Joyce had an idea that I purchased the ring but I did not want to let on that I actually did buy it. She made lots of little jokes and comments about how lonely her hand was without a ring on it, and how it was not bright enough in the room without any diamonds to add to the sparkle, and she even said her friends were hassling her for all her talk about a wedding before she had her ring. I had to sit patiently and pretend to not know anything about a ring.


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