Total Lunar Eclipse- Click on a Thumbnail or Caption for a Larger Photo


I photographed the total lunar eclipse from my front yard in Havre de Grace, MD. The event took place in the pre-dawn hours of December 21st. The partial phase started at 1:33 AM. Totality began at 2:42 AM and ended at 3:53 AM. The second partial phase ended at 5:01 AM. Visually, the moon became fairly dark during the total phase. It took on a brownish-orange color, with a brighter area along the top. It did not look as bright as it did in the photos taken during totality.

The numbers beneath each photo here indicate the time (in 24-hour Eastern Standard Time) I took the photo.

lunareclipse8398 lunareclipse8406 lunareclipse8411 lunareclipse8421 lunareclipse8435 lunareclipse8458
0142 0152 0159 0214 0228 0242
lunareclipse8461 lunareclipse8469 lunareclipse8471 lunareclipse8483 lunareclipse8487 lunareclipse8497
0246 0256 0302 0318 0324 0338
lunareclipse8511 lunareclipse8525 lunareclipse8536 lunareclipse8541 lunareclipse8545 lunareclipse8548
0354 0409 0413 0423 0431 0445
lunareclipse8551 lunareclipse8559
0457 0505