Our 2005 Vacation / Fishing


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We went fishing from the pier on the afternoon of July 28th. Monroe, Joyce, and Andy all caught small fish. The shop there allows you to buy bait and rent the equipment, so complete novices like us could fish.

Monroe's fish

Monroe caught a fish! This enormous flounder is clearly larger than the little, tiny one Joyce caught (see below.... a magnifying glass may be useful). But we still had to throw the fish back.

Joyce's fish

Joyce also caught a fish! This tiny fish had to be thrown back too.

Andy fishing

Not to be outdone by the adults, Andy caught a fish too. Again, it was too small to keep.

Andy's fish

Andrew fishes from the pier. The people visible behind him were very nice and they helped us get the fish off the hook, and they helped get our line untangled from the rocks under the water.


The woman fishing next to us caught a small sting ray. Since this was not an episode of "Survivor," she tossed it back.

We also went fishing on the ocean. We went on the "Miss Ocean City" for a 4 hour trip. (not a 3 hour tour, although after an hour's trip out, I thought I could see the coast of Portugal). Joyce and the kids caught some small fish, while I caught a case of seasickness.

Joyce's sea bass

Joyce caught this sea bass. It was too small to keep, so she had to throw it back.

Andy fishing

Andy fishes from the side of the boat.

Matt fishing

Matt fishes from the side of the boat.