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Friday, September 28, 2007


New TV Shows

The fall 2007 TV season is underway. So far, two of the new shows look good to me. On Monday we watched "Journeyman" after "Heroes." It started a little slow, but the episode picked up about halfway through. The involuntary time travel theme is interesting, but the usual time travel paradoxes kick in. And if he spends the whole series chasing after his maybe-dead first wife, that could get kind of old.

"Bionic Woman" was good too. The cast looked like a Battlestar Galactica reunion, though. I guess that makes sense with the producers and writers all coming from Battlestar. I thought the whole transition from being a normal person into a bionic one was too hasty on the show. She was up and moving almost right away, and the impants started working all by themselves, and the nanotech blood stuff (anthracites? Coal?) made the bionic parts look exactly like her originals. Maybe they spent all of their special effects budget on making her run fast. I hope the show doesn't become a weekly fight between Jamie and Starbuck- I mean Corvus.

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