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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


A disgusting TV commercial

There is a new commericial on TV for All Bran cereal. It is set on a construction site, and a hard-hat wearing worker has a box of this cereal and he describes how he has had problems being "regular." Sounds pretty tame, right? But shortly after it starts, a large I-bean is sticking out of a hole in the building in the background. Workers pull and yank on it and it finally comes crashing out, on to the ground. And while the worker talks about how great this cereal is, a truck moves behind him and dumps off 3 large keg- looking things that bounce along the ground behind it. And at the very end, a dump truck comes right behind the man and dumps an entire load of dirt and debris.

Am I a 5th grader, or does this commercial emphasize how the cereal helps you poop by showing trucks and buildings symbolically pooping? I find it very funny and kind of disturbing. So maybe I am a 5th grader.

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