Our Engagement Story

[Monroe, in red]

Joyce and I had looked at some rings on line and in the jewelry stores at our favorite mall. She told me the type of ring she liked and the type of mountings she preferred. She even tried some on so I knew her ring size. I did my homework on diamond grading and buying to avoid getting misled during the purchasing process.

On February 23rd we planned on attending a housewarming party for Joyce's friend Denise. Denise had recently purchased a new home so we wanted to help her celebrate that with her family and friends. Joyce's birthday was coming up later in the week and I needed to finalize my gift shopping. When Joyce told me that over 50 people were planning on attending the party I knew I had an opportunity to sneak away and do some more ring shopping.

I told Joyce that I wanted to finalize my birthday shopping for her that Saturday, and since the party would be so crowded and I wouldn't know anyone we agreed that I would drop her off there and then I'd go shopping and then come back for the rest of the party.

[Joyce, in blue]

When Monroe and I started talking about getting married I was very very happy. We had talked about it but I sometimes thought it was just talking and nothing serious until we started looking in jewelry stores and online.

I knew my birthday was coming up and I thought that perhaps he would ask me to marry him on my birthday. So when he suggested that he go shopping for my "birthday" present instead of going to Denise's party, I told him to go ahead and go. I figured that he was ring shopping. I told my friends Denise and Suzy that I thought that was what he was doing. I was right. I was so excited.


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