Our Engagement Story

All week I wondered when I was going to get my ring. I would have bet 1 million dollars that I was going to get it on my birthday. But when I didn't, I thought it would be when we went to Atlantic City.

All of my friends and co-workers kept asking me when I was going to get my ring. I told them all that I thought it would be when we went to Atlantic City.

On Tuesday or Wednesday night I was talking with my friend Denise and she asked me when I was going to get the ring. She even "yelled" at Monroe because I didn't have my ring yet. I had already been looking at bridal magazines and Monroe and I were talking about places to get married and things.

I thought that he had the ring and was just making me sweat.

I wasn't making her sweat; I was just waiting for the ring to be ready.

I had this big giant smile on my face the whole way to the mall. And I was sort of crying- misty tears of joy. I had waited my entire life to find the right woman to marry, and now I was just minutes away from asking Joyce to be my wife. I couldn't wait to get to the mall, and then downtown. I also kept looking at the watch and checking the radio to make sure there were no traffic problems that would prevent me from making it to her office before she left for the day.

My trip to the mall went fine, and I was in and out of there in just a few minutes. I made sure the ring was just right, and it was. I even had time to pick up a copy of the "Daily Racing Form" to get ready for our weekend in Atlantic City. You know I was in a hurry to get on my way when I did not stop in either mall bookstore while I was there.

My trip from there to Joyce's office went well too. I arrived downtown and parked in a garage right by Joyce's office. I made sure about a thousand times that the ring was still in my coat pocket, and that I had the picture book all ready. I walked from the garage to her building and then took the elevator upstairs. Geraldine, the receptionist, was there at the firm's front desk. I told her who I was and that I was there to see Joyce, and that it was a surprise. Geraldine laughed and said I could go on in, and she wouldn't ruin the surprise by paging her. I then went in and walked to Joyce's cubicle. I could hear her saying something to either her boss Doug or to Kristine across the hall as I rounded the corner and said "hi."


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